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宝贝你下面的水儿真甜Our Red Waddle - Eastern Eurasian mix pigs are pasture raised on GMO Free food with a diverse diet in low stress conditions. Our pigs always live with lots of space to move around.

Our market team of pigs has one main job. We recover over 10,000 lbs of waste food each month to keep them fed. This saves all those nutrients from going to waste in the landfill. Our partners for food waste recovery include:

? Good Earth Natural Foods

宝贝你下面的水儿真甜? Rustic Bakery

宝贝你下面的水儿真甜? Redwood Empire Food Bank

? Roasters - $500 - Average weight 90-100 lbs. - Perfect for a big party.

? Butchered & Wrapped - $7/lb - Average weight 200 lbs. - Vacuum sealed and ready to freeze. See our standard cut sheet for a list of the included cuts and offal.

宝贝你下面的水儿真甜Based on availability. Call to order. 30 day notice and $500 deposit required. Custom cut sheets include 10% fee. 1/2 animals 20% stocking fee.

707-765-1202 or stop by the Farm Shop.