We're proud to work with the following local farms to provide high quality food to our CSA, our community, and our families:


Programs and businesses located at Tara Firma Farms


Mandalion Designs

Photo by: Laura Schneider

Photo by: Laura Schneider

Mandy O'Doul owner and operator of Mandalion Designs is a farmer of local, sustainable, seasonal flowers and provides a diverse habitat for birds, snakes and a variety or beneficial insects. Making an impact on the local flower movement-while improving soil health. Her garden is home to over 100 variety of annual and perennial flowers, herbs and vegetables. managed and cared for with no-till practices, incorporating a closed loop system with the compost made onsite by Willie Reid, utilizing green waste from Good Earth Markets. These blooms are available at many local florist, markets and our own Tara Firma Farm Store (seasonally). For more details please reach out!


Outside in Nature

Outdoor Education

宝贝你下面的水儿真甜Specializing in free-range kids, Peter Bergin teaches kids mindfulness and respect for the world they live in. The OSIN DNC Programs are designed to reconnect you and your child with Nature. It offers the opportunity to forge lasting personal relationships with all aspects of the Natural World in a healthy, fun, and regenerative way. You will deepen these relationships through core routines of awareness, tracking and bird language, along with hands on skills and crafts. They will have fun getting wet, dirty, muddy, cold, and tired as well as enjoy the warm breezes and comfortable coastal climate. All activities will be playful and safe while challenging adults and children and stretching your ‘comfort zone’. 



Outdoor Education

At Vilda, we strengthen our connections to the natural world. We spend time outdoors with our hands in the dirt and feet on the ground. We plant trees, clear brush, look for frogs, eat wild plants, make a fire by friction or dye a shirt with berries. We learn real skills that allow us to remember that we truly are an important part of this landscape. The kids in our programs experience hands-on that they can make a positive difference in the world.



F.e.e.d. Sonoma

Seasonal Vegetables

宝贝你下面的水儿真甜FEED Sonoma (Farmers Exchange of Earthly Delights) is a micro-regional aggregator in Sebastopol, California. Our mission is to create a vibrant, sustainable, and fair food system by maximizing the ability of small farmers to sell their food through diverse marketing channels.

Sebastopol, CA 95472

D.G. Langley Ranch

Pasture Raised Pork

 Langley Farms (Family Owned and Operated since 1998) & Devil's Gulch Ranch (Family Owned and Operated since 1971)  have joined forces to provide the highest quality, pasture raised pork possible to Sonoma & Marin Counties.  Their pigs live their whole lives on pasture!

Nicasio, CA 94946



Processing Facility / Smoke House

Our partners at SCMC take care of the "cut and wrap" portion of processing for Tara Firma Farms.  They are responsible for making sure our animals are packaged correctly. They specialize in processing pastured, antibiotic and hormone free animals, and also offer classes on butchering and sausage making!

Santa Rosa, CA 95407




Slaughter / Processing Facility

When fourth-generation rancher Dave Evans started his grass-fed beef company in 1999, he committed to creating a more sustainable, local food system. MSF has empowered farmers and fought to conserve bay area agricultural communities.  They operate the last remaining USDA inspected slaughterhouse in the San Francisco Bay Area, a Certified Organic and Animal Welfare Approved facility.

Petaluma, CA 94952



Pasture Raised Chicken

Family owned and operated for over fifty years, Big Bluff Ranch's pasture raised chicken operation began in 2004.  Their chickens live on beautiful pasture and enjoy low-stress environments.  With sustainability in mind, they strive to make sure every aspect of what they do will keep the ranch fertile and in the family for generations to come.

Red Bluff, CA 96080

Nicasio Valley Ranch

Pasture Raised Eggs, Organic Cheese

宝贝你下面的水儿真甜Spanning generations, the Lafranchi grandparents and family have been ranching on the same site near lake Nicasio since the early 1900s. Their world famous dairy is also home to over 3000 pasture-fed, free-range laying hens. They consume insects and leave behind generous deposits of rich building fertilizer.

Nicasio, CA 94946

Jensen Family Ranch

Pasture Raised Lamb

The Jensen Ranch is one of the oldest continuously operating ranches in Marin County. Five generations of the family have lived and worked there. Today they raise sheep and replacement dairy cattle on the 179-acre spread.

Tomales, CA 94971

Swami Tommy'S


宝贝你下面的水儿真甜Tommy began his career about 20 years ago with a $30 water smoker in his wooded backyard in Potter Valley, Mendocino. What started as an interest, turned hobby with time spent at BBQ competitions across CA and has since grown into legend status.

Novato, CA 94945


Black point Olive Oil

宝贝你下面的水儿真甜Organic Tuscan Olive Oil

From organic Tuscan olive trees, our partner Gerald Belletto has produced some amazing olive oil. "The olive tree is the color of peace, if peace needed a color."

Novato, CA 94945

Marshall's Honey

Raw Organic Local Honey

宝贝你下面的水儿真甜All of Marshall's Farm honey is produced in California and the west coast. The honey is raw, 100% pure, unheated, uncooked, unfiltered, natural & certified fisher. You will see natural floating in the honey because no pumps, pipes or filers are used when extracting and hand bottling our pure and local honey. This is the finest in natural organic gourmet honeys from the mountain valleys, seacoasts and backyards of the SF Bay Area.

American Canyon, CA 94503

The Soap Cauldron

Beef Tallow Soap

The art of alchemy best describes what we do. Our handcrafted bar soaps are made in the time-honored tradition of the first soap guilds of 7th century Europe. Now just as it was then each bar is handmade in small batches with only natural botanicals, pure essential oils and gourmet butters. From the early recipes coveted by these guilds, these beneficial ingredients nourish and support skin daily.

Petaluma, CA 94954


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