Join us at 11 am on Saturdays & Sundays for a FREE Educational Tour Of The Farm!

*No RSVP required. Show up 15 minutes before! If no guests arrive before tour time, we do not hold the tour.*

宝贝你下面的水儿真甜You will learn about our farm and CSA, learn what pasture raised means and how farms like Tara Firma Farms are on the front lines to fight climate change, reduce water usage, and build better soil through the latest methods in Carbon Farming!  Perfect for families, kids and school groups!

Private Tours ($10 a person) available Tuesday - Thursday and Weekends with reservations. There is a $50 minimum (or 5 people). 48 Hour Notice Needed. Perfect for Schools, Students, and even Corporate Events! Email us for special school rates or for more information.

Summer time means HEAT here at TFF! Make sure to wear a hat, some comfortable shoes and bring a water bottle.

Winter and Spring Rains mean MUD, so wear appropriate footwear.



Farm Hours

10 am - 6 pm, 7 days a week.

? All Guests must check in at the Farm Shop.

? Parking for Non-CSA members is $10, validated with purchases of $10 or more.

? Members are responsible for their guests.  Please treat our property with respect.

宝贝你下面的水儿真甜? Dogs must remain on leash.

宝贝你下面的水儿真甜? All Fishing is Catch & Release, no live bait, barbless hooks.

? All minors must be accompanied by an adult.

? In the event that a member or one of their guests damages TFF property, of any kind, please report damage to a TFF staff member immediately.  

宝贝你下面的水儿真甜? Members and their guests understand that visiting Tara Firma Farms risk serious and/or fatal injury.

? Tara Firma Farms is a NO-FLY-ZONE. No Drones.


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